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Peter C. Siegel, R.H.
    Peak Performance Sports  Hypnotherapist
    America's #1 Personal Best Coach
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Personal Bio

          Pete Siegel is and was a world acclaimed personal development and peak performance expert whose proven methods will help you experience unparalleled confidence, success, and personal growth in your life.

           He was the country's foremost sports and peak performance hypnotist  / hypnotherapist, and for 28 years, has personally worked with world-class and professional athletes (NFL, NHL, MLS, NBA, MLB, PGA, LPGA, Olympics), entertainment celebrities and powerhouses in business, helping them elevate their performance impact, so they clearly register all time personal bests.

          By following Pete’s advice (which is richly, comprehensively detailed in all his various PowerMind© book/CD/ mp3 programs) you’ll totally eliminate the self sabotaging limits, and “emotional garbage” keeping you from enjoying truly standout personal increase and accomplishment in your life.

          No matter how many self help programs  or hypnosis programs you’ve tried, and regardless of any previous minimal - or no results - experiences you may have had…as long as you’ve still got the desire and willingness to improve (and become more, and more successful), then Pete will show you – finally and definitively – how to experience the lasting change and personal increase you want!

           He is the most highly publicized hypnotherapist in the world – because of one blatant fact; he produces striking results which are measurable, and profound. He’s got the rock solid credentials, media substantiation, and high profile (thoroughly documented) results production which will help you become the best you…EVER!  Take a look for yourself:

                              Sports Hypnotherapist  Pete Siegel’s Training, Credentials, And Acclaimed Reputation

           Peter C. Siegel  holds a B.P.S. (Bachelor Of Professional Studies) degree from State University of New York, College at Brockport, and is a certified, registered hypnotherapist (A.C.H.E. board certified, June 1980) Gestalt Therapist, and NLP master practitioner in the state of California.

            His acclaimed therapeutic approach, compelling communication style, and decades of in-the-trenches experience make him a top motivator, teacher, and clinician in the field of human potential development.  Combining modalities of hypnotherapy, Gestalt therapy, neuro-linguistics programming (N.L.P.), whole brain learning, and success power programming, he's helped millions worldwide (through his writing, seminars, classes, and self help programs) break free from destructive conditioning, so they move on to striking realms of performance and personal achievement.

            Additional to being a leading peak performance specialist, Siegel is also a highly sought after expert on mega confidence building and overcoming fears (i.e., intimacy, rejection, failure, success, etc.). His rapid change methods have, and continue to produce results for people they never considered possible -- results clearly demonstrating they possess power and ability capacities way beyond what they ever realized.

            A prolific self-development, life transformational author, he's had over 250 articles published in 50 different magazines. He's written and produced 25 self help book/CD programs - see his website at or wwww.getinthezonesports for titles which provide people and athletes in every sport like body building, weightlifting,  baseball, bowling, golf, track, football, soccer, hockey, weight loss, and even every day  people with incredible positive change/success strategies, weight loss, stopping smoking, enabling them to decisively break through past limitations, and live rich, successful lives with confidence – completely free of inhibition and fear.

            Pete Siegel has worked with athletes (and teams) that include players on the N.Y. Mets, L.A. Dodgers, Chicago Cubs, Anaheim Angels, Detroit Tigers, Florida Marlins Texas Rangers, Dallas Cowboys, L.A. Raiders, K.C. Chiefs, L.A. Clippers, Cleveland Cavaliers, Charlotte Hornets, L.A. Kings, N.Y. Rangers, N.J. Devils, Edmonton Oilers, Washington Capitals, Philadelphia Flyers, Anaheim Mighty Ducks and the  L.A. Galaxy professional sports teams.

            He and his work have been featured in the L.A. Times, Newsday, Sacramento Bee, Flex, Muscle & Fitness, Physical, Men's Fitness, Sport, Runner's World, Fitness Runner, Shape, Best Body, Glamour, Self, Family Circle, Canadian Living, Women's Fitness International, Fitness, Sports Illustrated, Outside Magazine, Playboy, The Daily News, Men's Health, Great Life, Fitness RX, Let's Live, Great Life, Baseball Weekly, IronMan, Tennis, Max Muscle Sports & Fitness, Exercise For Men, Los Angeles Magazine, Oxygen, Surfer, Spin Magazine, Golf Magazine, Golf Tips, Golf Today, Golf Illustrated, Golf Digest, Florida Golf Magazine, Golfer's Guide, Southland Golf Magazine, Personal Excellence, Going Bonkers Magazine,
The Wall Street Journal, and USA Today.

            Demonstrations of his work with professional athletes, entire teams, and peak life performers has appeared on VH1, HBO Sports (Real Sports with Bryant Gumble), The Jenny Jones Show, Fox Sports Net (Best Damn Sports Show Period), The Golf Channel, KABC, KNBC, KCAL, KCBS, KTTV, KTLA, KCOP, KCRA, OCN, Prime Ticket, ESPN, CNN, NBC, CTV (national Canadian TV), and Fuji TV (national Japanese TV) network news programs.

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              Pete’s numerous best selling personal development programs such as Building Super Confidence, Winning At Life, Think & Grow BIG, Living Invincibly Positive, Success Mind-Sets, The Formula, and Sports Peak Performance Mega-Success Programming are now read and used by people in over 50 countries worldwide.
               If you’re new to this site, or if you’re new to Pete Siegel’s self help methods and approaches, then we highly recommend the Building Super Confidence program as a best starting off point to help you begin taking charge of your personal situation. Yes – so you can start building yourself into the who - and what - you truly can be! To review and order this exciting program, just click the “back to home page” button below, and then click on the Building Super Confidence icon.

               And all of us here at PowerMind © are excited about the positive change and  improvement you’ll now start to enjoy!

Sports Hypnotherapist Chris Cady is the protege of Peter Siegel. Chris feels that Pete was the "Albert Einstein" of hypnosis and hypnotherapy.  Chris Pete personally trained Chris in applying the "regular hypnosis" skills that Chris learned from his hypnosis school training and  then THEY "siegelized it" by applying Pete's  advanced hypnosis skills to working with athletes on the mental side of every sport at a very high level and tracking the results on the field.  Chris had the opportunity to learn directly "off the backs" of professional athletes in every sport including  NHL and NHL Hockey players, Olympic Athletes, NFL Football Players, NBA Basketball Players,  Boxers, PGA Golfers, and  Major League and Minor League Baseball Players  from the Anaheim Angels, LA, Dodgers, SF Giants, Oakland A's, Detroit Tigers, NY Mets and Yankees, Seattle Mariners, Cardinals, and more.   Pete trained Chris how to work with athletes who already perform at a very high level because they are physically prepared. While at the same time  are poorly MENTALLY PREPARED for competition.
( Which is the  majority of athletes ( even professionals). Peter also trained Chris in how to get seemingly miraculous results with clients that other hypnotherapists and medical professionals, coaches, trainers, teachers etc can't get. One of the reasons is that  Peter ingrained into his training  a belief that EVERYTHING that takes place with the body.