Super Self Confidence

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If you are being held back by fear, hesitation, insecurity, anxiety, shyness and an overall lack of self confidence.

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This is a Very EASY TO READ, Understand and to Immediately USE Book and CD or Mp3 Program,
"Building Super Self Confidence"
By Hypnotherapist Peter Siegel

You'll Get 10 Information Packed, Self Confidence Building, Life Developing Chapters Which Help You Build Mega-Confidence In Every Aspect Of Your Life That You Want!

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With this self confidence book and CD or Mp3 program YOU will experience
Commanding Levels Of Self-Belief, And Self-Esteem!
An Invincibly Positive, Empowering Self-Image!

You will get an EASY  to  read and EASY TO USE BOOK AND You'll also get 1 audio CD or mp3
for Building Super Self Confidence  that was created by Pete Siegel’s student Master Hypnotist Chris Cady

The CD / mp3  gives you commanding levels of  self esteem and an invincibly positive empowering self image

......You Will Rapidly  Become Incredibly Mentally and Emotionally Strong! Free and In Control!  Totally Self Assured, Totally Confident and Demonstrate Commanding Levels Of Capability And Effectiveness!

“I've used Pete Siegel's Methods for the past 5 seasons with tremendous results. They have enabled me to achieve all time highs in playing performance. His methods like those outlined in this book have helped me become an A.L. All Star.

Damion Easley
Second Baseman, Detroit Tigers

“I've personally seen the impact Pete Siegel's confidence building methods have had upon Philadelphia Flyers players when I was assistant coach there, and upon L.A. Kings Players when we brought him in to work with the whole team.
He gets results.

Andy Murray
Head Coach, Los Angeles Kings

“This book is a blueprint to help you develop commanding personal power to enrich your life.
Use it and thrive!”

Joe Weider, Chairman of the Board Weider Publications
Publisher Muscle and Fitness, Shape, Flex, Mens Fitness Natural Health, Jump

“The Building Super Confidence Program" was incredible. Since using Peter Siegel's method, my closing ratio has increased dramatically.  I attribute this to the specific techniques that I learned from Pete.
This program is a must for anyone serious about becoming tremendously effective and successful in business and in life.”
Ken Miller
Senior Member Salomon Smith Barney 401 Advisory Group.

“Tremendous Confidence is required to take ability and bring it to the level of a champion. This type of confidence must be worked at and trained; The Building Super Confidence program provides a system to help you develop the confidence of a champion!”
Shelly Finkel
Adviser / Manager  Mike Tyson, Pernell Whitaker

“This book provides you with a step by step progression for developing the key mental component to excellence--- solid, unwavering confidence.

In fact, Pete Siegel's methods have impressed me to a degree where I now use them personally and have applied the within my coaching of players.

Bob Casullo
Special Teams Coach / Oakland Raiders

“No one is better qualified or more passionate about helping to build super confidence than Pete Siegel. I would recommend this book  to anyone  striving to be the best that they can be in life.”

Sean Greene
President Max Muscle Sports Nutrition Company

"Building Super Self Confidence"
By Hypnotherapist Peter Siegel

Book & CD $74.95 (plus $10.95 p&h) HARD COPY SHIPPED

or $65.00 Ebook and mp3

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"Whether it's an impending marathon or million dollar corporate deal that causes self doubt and fear to impede your best performance, Pete Siegel's Building Super Confidence is the solution.  For any person trying to break new ground, Pete's program will definitely empower you with the confidence it takes. This is no psychoanalytical tirade; it's a well-thought, objective approach to building inner strength and stability."
Laura Dayton
Editor In Chief: Women's Fitness International

Every man, woman, child or teenager can benefit from some degree of  improved self confidence. Why not  skyrocket yours
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Chris Cady
All Star Peak Performance Center
8175 S. Virginia St
Reno, NV 89511



If you need help with building your self confidence
it does not matter if you live in the United States,
Canada, England / UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand
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Building Super Self Confidence
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Building Self Confidence
$65.00 E-book & Mp3
Building Super Self Confidence

Book and Audio CD /  Mp3 Program
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building super self confidence self belief book and cd mp3 by peter siegel hypnotherapist
building super self confidence self beliefe book and cd by peter siegel hypnotherapist